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Unlock the future with SigmaRPA

SigmaRPA provides leading-edge expertise in AI and Automation. We can function as your organization’s Fractional Chief AI Officer to help you leverage these emerging technologies.


Integrate. Innovate. Inspire.

Our approach is centered on three pillars: Integrate, Innovate, and Inspire. We are committed to driving measurable improvements in your operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall business quality through strategic automation initiatives—all spearheaded by our team of experienced professionals.

Your Fractional Chief Automation Officer (CAO)

In the rapidly evolving landscape of business technology, staying ahead isn't just about efficiency—it's about pioneering. At SigmaRPA, we've transformed our approach to meet these new frontiers with the introduction of the Fractional CAO, your company’s Chief Automation Officer.


Our Fractional CAO services are designed to integrate with your leadership team. We engage closely with your decision makers, ensuring that automation strategies are not just envisioned but executed in harmony with your business objectives.


AI Strategy Formulation: Craft strategies that unlock new value streams and transformative potential across your operations.

Leadership Collaboration: Establish a strong alliance with your leadership team to navigate the complex technology landscape.

Tailored Training and Development: Equip staff with advanced knowledge, empowering them to innovate with confidence.



About SigmaRPA

At SigmaRPA Inc., we are pioneers in the field of automation, dedicated to revolutionizing how businesses operate. Our mission is to enhance efficiency and drive innovation through our cutting-edge Digital Workers, seamlessly integrating into existing systems to tackle repetitive tasks and free up human talent for higher-value work.

You're not just hiring a Digital Worker

Choosing SigmaRPA means embracing a dynamic, future-forward staffing solution. Our Digital Workers seamlessly integrate into your team, handling repetitive tasks and evolving with your business. By partnering with SigmaRPA, you gain a strategic advantage that drives long-term success, making your Digital Workers a cornerstone of your business strategy.